Wedding tips

 Planning for and celebrating your nuptials should be one of the most memorable times of your life – however, most brides also find it to  be one of the most stressful.

  Wedding Makeup Tips

·         You want your makeup to look perfect on your big day – but you also want to look like yourself!

·         Keep makeup simple. Budget conscious on your makeup? Check out a department store and get a makeover.

        Check out a department store and get a makeover.

        The sales person will divulge helpful wedding makeup tips for the big day.

·         Lipstick can look great but is high maintenance because it rubs off quickly.

        Look for a no-rub off formula that will stay on the whole day.

·          Splurge on a special perfume for your wedding. Afterward, whenever you smell it, it’ll transport you back to your special day.

·          Before getting dressed, apply baby powder to your skin to help deter sweating. Any type of tanning will make your skin color deeper.        Remember to get new foundation to match your tan.

·          Getting married outside? Do not forget sunscreen.

         In fact, you may want to consider giving it as a cute favor for all your attendees.


Wedding Tips for Your Dress


·         Wedding and reception dress should be a priority on your ‘to do’ list. It can be a long process, so give yourself plenty of time.

·         Your wedding gown size may be different from your regular clothing size—don’t panic!

·         It’s nice to have a second opinion. Bring one or two trusted friends or family members to shop with you for added support. But remember, more is not merrier. Bringing too many people with you can get confusing because everyone has an opinion.

·          If you're shopping for a strapless gown, make sure you bring a strapless bra to use while trying on. It will help give you a better idea of what the gown would look like.

·         Always try on your dream dress, but also try on styles you normally would not. Branch out into several different bridal collections; you may surprise yourself.

·          Use a padded hanger to hang your dress before it goes into a garment bag. Before your wedding, store your gown in a location where it will be protected from heat, moisture, kids and pets.

·         One of the most helpful wedding day tips is to put your dress on last, just before heading down the aisle.

·          Relax in a robe or pajamas while your hair and makeup is done. Make sure your dressing area is free of anything that could stain the dress.

·          Don’t dry clean your gown before the ceremony; you don’t want to risk any mistakes. Always check care instructions before steaming or ironing. If it’s necessary to steam your dress, wrap the head of the steamer in a white T-shirt or sock to guard against water spotting.



Advice for Bridal Accessories

 Jewelry, shoes, veils, shawls, sashes and more – brides have many options when it comes to accessorizing their wedding dress. These tips will help you create the perfect finished look.

·         Always start with good undergarments – the right bra can make all the difference in your pictures and how you feel throughout the day.

·         Resist choosing foundation garments until after your first dress fitting.

·          The type of jewelry you wear should depend on the style of your dress. Elegant earrings add to a strapless gown without taking away from the flattering neckline.

·         With V-neck gowns, however, a necklace is the perfect choice.

·         Jeweled hairpins are very flattering with a halter gown.

·         Cook dinner or vacuum in your wedding shoes to help break them in and ensure they are comfortable on the big day. You may want to consider getting two pairs of shoes for your big day. One pair for the ceremony and pictures and a comfy pair to dance the night away at your reception.

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